• So you want to plan a walkathon…

    Welcome to Walkathon Guide, all about how to plan a walkathon (aka walk-a-thon), to build your confidence and make it easier to get volunteers and make them successful.
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So You Want to Plan a Walkathon?

Walkathon 2008

Anna and I at the Bullis Charter School Walkathon 2008

Hi!  I’m Lee Garverick and this is my inaugural Walkathon blog entry.  Thank you for finding me!

I love walkathons, was co-chair of my daughter’s walkathon in 2008, and have been involved in eleven different walkathons over the past eleven years (and counting).  I am writing an e-book about how to organize and run one for your school.  It should be ready in a few weeks.

  • Meanwhile, I’d like to collect your requests.  If you are planning, or have planned, a walkathon, what would be most useful to include here?
  • Also, if you’re in the midst of planning and need advice, please just shoot me an email at walkathonguide@gmail.com.  I’d love to help if I can.  I’ve kept records of everything so hopefully I can help you.
  • Finally, send me a note if you’d like to get on my email list.  I’ll be giving advanced copies of the guide to the earliest responders (comments welcome!).

2 Responses

  1. i ordered a guide on 6/28 – reciept id#4568-3161-1537-7562 and have not recieved it yet, My account has been charged for the fee, Please send the guide ASAP or refund the fee.

    • Hello Barbara, I wonder if you expected a physical book? In any case I resent the e-book. If you wanted a physical book, not just the document, I’m happy to refund your money. -Lee

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