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Five Things to Do Six Months Before Your Walkathon

starting pathHave you decided to plan a walkathon a season or two from now?

Here’s a checklist for what to do  to set the stage.

1. Get your core team: at least one leader and ideally two or three.

2. Pick your date and location and get them approved by the powers that be:  local police and fire, the person who manages the location, your principal and PTA (or PTO)  Board if you’re a school.

3. If this is a community wide event, present the idea to your town council to keep them informed and gain their support.

4. Inform people who will be affected, such as sports leagues who play during that time, so they can plan for busy players.

5. If you are planning this walkathon for your children’s school, schedule two or three planning sessions over the coming month. Ask your principal to start thinking about a very specific, visible item(s) the money will buy (such as playground equipment).

I recommend that you continue to read the next article, a detailed list of key volunteer positions.

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