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Four Criteria for Choosing Your Cause

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Most walkathons already have a larger cause like the school, animal shelter, or another charity.   However if you have the option, be more specific by pinpointing tangible and visible items to be purchased.  That way your community can see the results of their efforts.  Here are four criteria for choosing something within your larger organization:

1. Walkathon participants agree this is a worthwhile need.

2. The organizations leadership agrees this is a priority item for funding.

3. The items are very concrete, and can be purchased, put to use, and then publicized within a few months. This is great if you plan to do another walkathon the following year.

4. There are options for purchasing more or less, or finding partial financing elsewhere, depending upon the amount you end up raising. For example, If you opt for your school library as your cause, you can purchase much needed seating first, then use remaining funds for books. It also works fine to have two causes, such as “site beautification” and “technology center” to give you plenty of wiggle room.

Over the years, your communiy will see the cumulative effects of their walkathons as the organization spends the funds on a growing collection of visible results!

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