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Honor an Outstanding Walkathon Participant

Walkathon Planner Jennifer Bechard

Walkathon Planner and 2009 Winner Jennifer Bechard, Hydrocephalus Assoc.

Reprinting  this important announcement from the Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council

Please don’t miss a no-cost opportunity to honor an inspiring participant in your 2010 program.

You have until December 15 to nominate an outstanding participant — whether their achievement relates to dollars raised, overcoming personal challenges or team leadership.

All you have to do is send us a paragraph or two describing the nominee’s achievement along with your contact information and their contact information.   You can do it by sending an email to dh@runwalkride.com.  For complete program details, visit www.cashsweatandtears.com .

All nominees will be sent a certificate of achievement.  One will receive a valuable prize package including a $500 donation to their sponsoring charity.  Please act today — it’s an easy way to honor the people who make athletic event fundraising such a wonderful field to work in.

David Hessekiel
Run Walk Ride Fundraising Conference


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