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And Now, A Word about Walkathon Sponsors

Use the back of the walkathon t shirt as a way to give your sponsors valuable publicity

There’s gold in the backs of your walkathon t shirts.

Think about the lifespan of a t shirt.  People will wear those shirts for years.  For some kids they become the main items in their wardrobes.

This translates to a nice revenue opportunity for your walkathon.

T shirts offer high visibility for sponsors. There’s still more advertising value in your website, banners, yard signs, press releases, and registration materials. All these items combined represent a good investment opportunity for companies who need local brand awareness and want to support their community.

For upcoming walkathons, approach sponsors at the very beginning of your planning efforts so that you can include their names in all of your publicity materials.

Start with a list of potential sponsors.  Local merchants and services are ideal, as well as the companies where your walkers work.  Don’t forget anyone who sponsored last year, to avoid hurt feelings! Then make a list of all the places you intend to publicize your sponsors.  Determine cost of sponsorship.  Typically you would offer tiered levels to accommodate varying abilities to contribute (such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze).  Platinum sponsors would then get the biggest logo on your signs, etc.  Write a sponsor letter and send it to all of your targets.  There is a sample letter you can copy in the Walkathon Guide e-book.  Follow up with a phone call.  With those who commit, set aside time to collect the checks, or  encourage them to pay online via your website.

Sponsorships can add significantly to your fund raising results.  Take advantage of this great opportunity.


6 Responses

  1. Hi Lee,
    I agree that the traditional “billboard” t-shirt is expected by some sponsors as the main way to promote their business. However, I have a different perspective on how effective t-shirts are. This is a topic I had scheduled to write about in a couple of months but will move it up to give a different view our readers can discuss. Thanks again for writing a great post.

  2. […] Lee Gaverick, recently wrote about the benefits of using walkathon t-shirts in her blog post And Now, A Word about Walkathon Sponsors. So why would I suggest that the use of the charity walk t-shirt needs to be […]

  3. T-Shirts are one of the best gifts to participants! I think everyone loves to receive them and wear them for years to come. Also, if your walkathon is raising money for a cause, there are some fun ways to do this as well. For instance, if the event created a team environment by allowing participants to create a team in the race. Within this walkathon the winner can be judged not only on who finishes the race, but on which team brings in the biggest donations. ttp://bit.ly/bjgww5

  4. I just have a quick question. I am currently planning my first fundraiser walkathon. Do you buy the tshirts yourself or get them donated? I love the idea of giving them to participants but not sure where or how to go about getting donations.
    thanks so much

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