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Mist Tent for a Hot Walkathon Day

Hot Sun, Originally uploaded by bredgur

If you expect hot weather, add to the fun and keep your walkers cool.

Many thanks to our good friend Randy Harr for supplying these instructions for building a mist tent at your walkathon. Go ahead and download.  It’s a PDF file.

These are specific to the school our kids attended and the supplies we already had, but I expect that one of your talented volunteers will be able to run with them as is.

If you (or your talented volunteer) have any questions as you apply these to your own situation, feel free to ask away by sending me a note or adding a comment on the blog post.


Using a Facebook Page to Promote Your Walkathon

Fayetteville Kidney Walkathon Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page for your walkathon now to allow time for the multiplier effect of friends telling friends telling friends.

Facebook Pages are great for walkathon publicity and gaining the support of participants and volunteers.  The coolest thing about them is that benefits multiply as your followers (fans) come on board:

  • When people follow your page (via that “Like” button), all their Facebook friends are notified.
  • Then when you write an update, all your fans can share it with all of their friends, along with a link to your page.
  • Fans can also go to your page and click the “Share” button any time to post a link to your page for all their friends.

You don’t have to be a social networking expert.  Basic setup can be very quick.  Then once you’ve created your walkathon page, you don’t have to maintain it every day.  Take five minutes once or twice a week to say something you think would be of interest to your participants. They are free.

Here’s where to get startedNo time like the present!

Once your page is up, encourage your fans to share your page often. Add updates as often as you can.

Tip: Don’t use Facebook Events for walkathon registration.  You’ll need people to fill in a more detailed form and waiver.  Instead, direct them to your main website.

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10 Second Walkathon Planner Survey

Would you please take 10 seconds to tell us what you were looking for when you came upon Walkathon Guide? We want to be sure we help you! Your name and email is totally optional.

Walkathon Planning PodCast

Walkathon Planning, on BlogTalkRadioDo you learn by listening?  Then we have the podcast for you… words of wisdom from my friend Roger Carr and I, all about planning walkathons.  Click to listen.

Honor an Outstanding Walkathon Participant

Walkathon Planner Jennifer Bechard

Walkathon Planner and 2009 Winner Jennifer Bechard, Hydrocephalus Assoc.

Reprinting  this important announcement from the Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council

Please don’t miss a no-cost opportunity to honor an inspiring participant in your 2010 program.

You have until December 15 to nominate an outstanding participant — whether their achievement relates to dollars raised, overcoming personal challenges or team leadership.

All you have to do is send us a paragraph or two describing the nominee’s achievement along with your contact information and their contact information.   You can do it by sending an email to dh@runwalkride.com.  For complete program details, visit www.cashsweatandtears.com .

All nominees will be sent a certificate of achievement.  One will receive a valuable prize package including a $500 donation to their sponsoring charity.  Please act today — it’s an easy way to honor the people who make athletic event fundraising such a wonderful field to work in.

David Hessekiel
Run Walk Ride Fundraising Conference