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    Welcome to Walkathon Guide, all about how to plan a walkathon (aka walk-a-thon), to build your confidence and make it easier to get volunteers and make them successful.
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Homestead from Intuit – Create a Website in Minutes

If you are looking for a quick, inexpensive way to get a web site up for your walkathon, check out Homestead by Intuit. I created Walkathon Shop with it.  They have many templates to choose from so you don’t have to start from scratch.

What they do great:

  • Making a really pretty site that gets your point across.
  • Very quick.  About as easy as PowerPoint so you can literally be up and running in minutes, just like they advertise.
  • It’s easy to create forms for registration, getting volunteers, “contact us”.
  • They include beautiful ways to display photos.
  • A way to have scrolling images, animated images, etc. to showcase your sponsors.
  • If you have the expertise, you can use your own HTML code or Javascript to get fancy or link to other services.

They aren’t set up to automatically collect and track donations, although they have a merchant option I haven’t tried, or you could go with something like Google Checkout or PayPal.  See below for products specifically built for walkathon donation collection.

However, if you want to keep it simple, Homestead is ideal.  Email me and I’d be happy to talk you through your setup.

Build a Website in Minutes!  Only $5 mo.


Schedule, sign up, and remind your walkathon volunteers with VolunteerSpot.

Special offer for Walkathon Guide Friends and Family wanting advanced registration  tools: Register at VolunteerSpot using promo code WALK100 and get three additional months of premium service added to your upgrade.

Please go to VolunteerSpot today and take a live or video tour.

VolunteerSpot - Free & Easy Scheduling

DoJiggy – Online Registration, Pledges and Donations

Another product, DoJiggy Pledge, is specifically designed for pledge driven events so that your walkers can build their own pages and then collect donations online. It has a whole set of features ideal for walkathons. It is reasonably priced.

DoJiggy Pledge

Lap Cards

You’ll need these if your route is a loop and walkers will take multiple laps. Learn more about my new Lap Card product. Don’t create and laminate them by hand! There is an easier way.

All About Lap Cards

Signs and Banners

It’s a good idea to create a banner thanking all sponsors.  Then take a photo of it and send it to them.  You can also use banners to publicize your walkathon.  I recently used BuildASign so I can personally vouch for them.  I created several banners and yard signs to advertise a town Halloween party.  They came out great.  You design everything online, and then they ship your creations to you.   They have lots of artwork on file or you can upload your own.  The tool is quite easy to use.

Shop Custom Signs Online at BuildASign.com!

Custom water bottles and other gifts for all walkers

You can purchase water bottles or other items with your logo or a catchy phrase printed on them.  Use our contact form to contact us for more information.

The Walkathon Guide E-Book

All about how to plan a walkathon.  It will save you time and stress and help you get the very most out of your walkathon or jogathon.

The Book


Please let me know – what else do you need?

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