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    Welcome to Walkathon Guide, all about how to plan a walkathon (aka walk-a-thon), to build your confidence and make it easier to get volunteers and make them successful.
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MeHi!  I am Lee Garverick.  My mission here is to encourage and support anyone who wants to plan a walkathon.   My second post explains why I think walkathons are a great idea.

When I became co-chair of the 2008 Bullis Charter School walkathon, my fellow chair Lynne and I made a bunch of checklists that we proceeded to check off to get it all done.  Here, I am moving those lists plus a great deal of best practices research into this blog and also into an e-book called, “Walkathon Guide”.  I hear from people all over the world, working on fund raisers for a wide variety of important causes.


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  1. Thank you for following me on Twitter.com. I will be visiting your site often. Everyone loved the hand towels with the logo heat pressed on them. They also loved the gift bags I had prepared for them. Their gift bag contained step meter w/cd from Million Pound Challenge donated by a local State Farm agent, lip balm and pack of wet ones. It was small tokens but they appreciated it.

    Our walkathon is in its 2nd year. We look forward to it growing as we continue. I’m really excited since I was appointed the scholarship department by my pastor last year.

  2. I am resonsible for our district’s walk a thon for next year and dont have a clue where to begin – your site is hard to read can you email me what your information?

    • Hi Gloria,

      I wrote my book, The Walkathon Guide, primarily to help volunteers like you that are faced with planning a large event like a school walkathon. I have just released version 2.0 of my book. If you go to http://www.walkathonshop.com/thebook.html and click on the picture of the cover of my book, a new window should open that will bring up the first couple chapters of the book, including the complete table of contents. This will provide some helpful information to get you started and allow you to decide whether it would be worthwhile to get the complete book.

      Good Luck!


  3. Dear Lee

    Thank you so much for your Walkathon Gudie, I have found it very helpful. I am a event coordinator for a Meals on Wheels Walkathon in Wester MA. I have been serching for a good database to keep all of walkers, volunteers, sponsors in. I have been unabel to find one, do you know of a good way to keep this information organized?

    Jackie B

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