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    Welcome to Walkathon Guide, all about how to plan a walkathon (aka walk-a-thon), to build your confidence and make it easier to get volunteers and make them successful.
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Recognition Goes a Long Way

A quick tip for volunteer leaders, is to thank, thank, and thank again.  You’ll want to start the thank yous the day you start planning the event.  The best form of recognition is direct and specific.  If you’re doing a lot of organizing by email, be sure to end most notes with a thank you and a reminder of the impact the volunteer is making.  If you are holding a series of meetings, take time to acknowledge milestones achieved and the people who acheived them.  A well deserved thank you is never out of place.


Just Added… Useful Stuff for You

I’ve just added a Useful Stuff page where you can download files that are helpful.   Today it has a thank you note that you can print out, fold, and give to your volunteers after your walkathon.  In the future I’ll add links to things like T Shirts, lap cards, etc.

And..thank youfor all your hard work on behalf of your cause!